Family Lawyer

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Family Law Is A Way To Ensure Your Situation Stays Civil

Family Lawyer | Frank Cimino Law Firm : Killeen, TX

As an experienced family lawyer like Frank Cimino will tell you, there is a unique set of procedures that govern family law cases. More importantly, the results of cases can have a major impact on family relationships and how individuals will relate to one another. You will want to get a skilled family lawyer to navigate these cases for you.

Frank Cimino is an experienced and results-oriented professional capable of representing both families and individuals who need a lawyer in domestic areas. He offers his opinion whenever necessary to resolve your case while providing a personal and confidential service that years of experience have garnered. He is also capable of aggressively fighting for your rights when it comes to the court.

Some of his areas of family law practice include:

- Divorce and the dissolution of marriage
- Petitions for injunctions and restraining orders
- Child visitation and custody
- Modification of final judgments
- Modification of alimony
- Modification of child support
- Parenting plans and timesharing
- Guardianship and probate cases
- Domestic violence cases
- The establishment of paternity
- Prenuptial agreements
- Postnuptial agreements

Having to draw out a family law case can be draining on your emotions, your time and your money. Frank Cimino has a strategy designed to reduce the amount of time spent dealing with negative things that most legal battle have so that he can focus on the needs of his clients and their families. Cimino will try to solve the case on your own terms, but he is prepared to aggressively fight for your rights if it comes to court.

Frank Cimino offers consideration experience and qualifications in all areas of the law and can therefore provide more than enough guidance for you and your case.